Unable to remove connected hosts from Unisphere managed storage array

I was recently bringing back to life a CX4-120 storage array, which had a number of connected hosts registered that were no longer active, I was unable to remove the host using the Unisphere GUI, after invoking the deregister command on the last HBA connection, as the host object remained.

After a  short period of scratching my head I found an article by Jason Boche (@jasonboche), who was experiencing the same issue and resolved this by restarting the management server on each storage processor (https:/x.x.x.x/setup) and reconnecting using the Unisphere GUI to which the connected hosts where no longer available.

The article describing the issue and actions in more detail can be found below:


Reading archive performance data from EMC storage arrays

For EMC storage arrays you are able to collect and archive performance data and  export a NAR file using Navisphere/Unisphere.

In order to read the data collected you can convert the archive dump file to CSV format using the Navisphere CLI, by invoking the following command:

C:\Program Files (x86)\EMC\Navisphere CLI\NaviSECCli.exe analyzer -archivedump -data <filename.nar> -out <filename.csv> 

In order to run the above you will require Navisphere CLI installed.